Working in Care is a platform through which care organizations can easily find temporary and permanent staff using internal ambassadors of employees. This platform is supported by special referral recruitment software Firstbird.

There are three ways to recruit:

  • Internal mobility - employees can apply to your jobs
  • Referral recruitment - employees can refer potential candidates
  • External candidates – candidates apply through shared posts on social media

As Working in Care is a young, but fast growing initiative, the talent poule of care professionals will grow each day.

By downloading an easy to use app we are able to notify care professionals of new temporary and permanent positions available. These internal ambassadors can refer candidates and share jobs via their own social media channels i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Whatsapp.

Working in Care is a joint initiative of Search & Co Group and Firstbird. Search & Co Group has been active in recruitment consultancy and outsourcing inn the care sector for the past ten years. Firstbird is the owner of referral recruitment software.

Specialists of the Search & Co Group coordinate the whole process and publish your jobs within the platform and forward selected candidates.